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MLB Spotlight: Joe Torre

Author: Peter Portero
Date: 3/11/06
Articles Category: Baseball Article

When you are a tenure coach like Joe Torre, with an attitude for winning, no one can ignore your greatness. In his tenth season as the manager of the Yankees, Torre inches closer to setting a team record. Casey Stengel, who was manager of the Yankees for twelve years, is the only person to stay with the franchise longer than Torre. Although Torre has an amazing record and has helped the Yankees get to the World Series four times in the past nine seasons, he is not done yet.

Many players look up to Joe Torre because he was such an amazing player before becoming a manager. They know he knows what he is talking about. He was a star hitter, catcher, third baseman, and first baseman. He was asked to play in the All-Star Game nine times throughout his career and held many records. He stopped playing in 1977, but his player legacy is still remembered today.

One thing you don’t hear about a lot is Torre’s life outside of baseball. It is almost as if you never knew he even lived without baseball. The truth is that he does. He is married and he and his wife have four children. In addition to spending great amounts of time on the field with his players, he also finds time to do charity work. He has been given awards for his work with charities. His extensive work with domestic violence issues led to the Joe Torre Safe at Home Foundation being developed as well. Overall, this is a man who is not only a good manager and a good former player, but also one that is also a good human being. Through his leadership, he is leading his team and other citizens who watch him to be better players and better citizens.


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Updated: 10/27/12

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Bold indicates team falls into that angle today.

Orioles 93-69 +41.76
Athletics 94-68 +40.30
Nationals 98-64 +27.78
Giants 94-68 +23.57
Reds 97-65 +20.87
Full Table >>
Athletics 50-31 +20.95
Orioles 47-34 +14.14
Nationals 50-31 +12.19
Reds 50-31 +8.39
Giants 48-33 +8.34
Full Table >>
Orioles 46-35 +27.62
Athletics 44-37 +19.35
Braves 46-35 +16.83
Nationals 48-33 +15.59
Giants 46-35 +15.23
Full Table >>
vs Righty
Athletics 64-39 +34.98
Orioles 67-52 +28.93
Braves 65-38 +25.38
Nationals 70-45 +21.99
Reds 65-49 +6.64
Full Table >>
vs Lefty
Giants 41-20 +24.22
Reds 32-16 +14.23
Orioles 26-17 +12.83
Cardinals 31-17 +9.96
Nationals 28-19 +5.79
Full Table >>

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