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Being a Responsible Gambler

Author: Peter Portero
Date: 03/05/06
Articles Category: Gambling Tips

Gambling is for entertainment purposes. It is exciting to place a bet and win. Making money on a bet is a great feeling. But there are people who gamble for other reasons. Some gamble because it is the only activity that makes them happy. Others gamble to fill an emotional void. Still others gamble because they need the money. The only good reason to gamble is to have fun, win or lose a few dollars, and not worry about it later on.

Responsible gambling involves setting a maximum amount of money aside to gamble with. Setting a limit early on will make the experience much more rewarding. If a person does not have a lot of money, then they should not bet a lot of money. Gambling is for those who can stand to lose a few dollars. Accepting that the bet will probably earn a person nothing is a practical way to look at gambling.

Gambling becomes a problem when a person cannot stop. People have lost their homes, sacrificed relationships, and ruined their lives due to a gambling problem. Seeking therapy and stopping are the only ways to combat the problem. A responsible gambler knows when to stop. They know when they have spent enough money and can enjoy watching others win or lose their money.

Responsible gamblers can have a good time without constantly placing a bet. People who gamble for fun usually win a few small bets. Sometimes they win larger bets and will usually quit while they are ahead. These people recognize that luck has a lot to do with winning, and winning is not everything. Having fun with friends, betting on a favorite team, winning or losing, is all part of the excitement of gambling. Not being able to live without placing a bet is a problem.


Free Football Picks

Updated: 10/27/12

NEW: Pitcher Home/Road Disparities

Bold indicates team falls into that angle today.

Orioles 93-69 +41.76
Athletics 94-68 +40.30
Nationals 98-64 +27.78
Giants 94-68 +23.57
Reds 97-65 +20.87
Full Table >>
Athletics 50-31 +20.95
Orioles 47-34 +14.14
Nationals 50-31 +12.19
Reds 50-31 +8.39
Giants 48-33 +8.34
Full Table >>
Orioles 46-35 +27.62
Athletics 44-37 +19.35
Braves 46-35 +16.83
Nationals 48-33 +15.59
Giants 46-35 +15.23
Full Table >>
vs Righty
Athletics 64-39 +34.98
Orioles 67-52 +28.93
Braves 65-38 +25.38
Nationals 70-45 +21.99
Reds 65-49 +6.64
Full Table >>
vs Lefty
Giants 41-20 +24.22
Reds 32-16 +14.23
Orioles 26-17 +12.83
Cardinals 31-17 +9.96
Nationals 28-19 +5.79
Full Table >>

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