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Sports Betting Terminology

Action - A bet or wager. Also refers to a baseball bet that is valid regardless of pitcher.

Added Game - A game that is not part of a regular rotation but posted due to increased interest by the sports betting sites.

AFC - Acronym for "American Football Conference".

ATS - Acronym for "Against the spread". A bet that refers to either get or giving up points in the wager.

Bet - A wager.

Betting Systems - Refers to a set of factors that when all point towards a given team has performed exceptionally well in the past.

Beard - Someone that places bets for another individual to hide the true identity of the real bettor.

Book - An establishment that accepts wagers.

Bookie - A person who accepts wagers.

Bounceback - Also spelled "Bounce Back". Refers to a team's propensity to come back and play exceptionally well from a poor performance.

Buck - A $100 wager.

Buck Bettor - An individual whose regular bet amount is $100.

Buying Points - Paying an additional price in "juice" to receive half a point or more on a point spread game.

Chalk - A favorite.

Chalk Player - An individual that generally bets on favorites.

Circled game - A game that the sports betting sites and sportsbooks have reduced the betting limit because of injuries and weather. Also applies to bets on propositions or halves of games. These games cannot be included in parlays or teasers.

Contrarian - Refers to betting against the public.

Cover - When a favorite wins by a larger amount than the spread. Also applies to an underdog that wins or loses by less than the spread.

Days Rest - Refers to the total number of resting days a team had between its last game to its current game.

DD - Acronym meaning "Double Digit".

Dime - $1000.00

Dime Bettor - A gambler that risks on average $1000.00 per wager.

Dime Line - A line where the juice is 10%.

Dog - The team that is getting points in a point spread game.

Dog Player - An individual that generally plays underdogs.

Dollar - $100

Dollar Bettor - An individual that generally bets $100 per wager.

Double action - An "if bet" that is processed if the precedent bet wins, ties or cancels.

Double Bet - A wager that is twice a gambler's general wager.

Double header - Two separate games played on the same day between the same two teams.

Double Revenge - Refers to fact that a team is on a two game losing streak against its current opponent.

Double Units - See "Double Bet".

Edge - Advantage.

Even Money - A bet whose odds payout the same as what is risked.

Exotic Wager - A non traditional bet such as first half, second half, futures, run lines or money line wagers.

Favorite - A team or horse expected to win an event.

Fifty cents - $50.00

Fifty cents Bettor - An individual that generally bets $50.00 per wager.

Final Four - Refers to the semifinal round of the March Madness NCAA Basketball Tournament when only 4 teams remain.

First half bet - A bet on the first half of the game.

Future - Odds posted in advance on the winners of various major events including the Super Bowl, the World Series, the Stanley Cup, the NBA Basketball Championships, and March Madness.

Gambling Systems - See "betting systems".

Getting Down - The act of making a wager.

Grand Slam - Refers to the 4 most important tennis tournaments: the Australian Open, the French Open, the US Open, and Wimbledon.

Grand Salami - The grand total of goals scored in all the hockey or baseball games of the day. It can be wagered to go Over/Under.

Half a dollar - $50.00

Half a dollar Bettor - An individual that generally bets $50.00 per wager.

Half time bet - A bet that is placed at half time of basketball or football. The NFL and NFL odds at halftime are set based on the result of the first half.

Handicapper - An individual that wagers on sports and horse races.

Handicapping - Refers to the study of predicting outcomes of sports.

Handicapping Systems - See "betting systems".

Handle - Amount of money taken in by a sportsbook.

Hedging - Refers to the act of betting on both sides of a wager to cut losses or guarantee a minimum amount of winnings.

Home team - The team playing in their own stadium.

Hook - A half point added to football and basketball betting odds.

Hot game - A game that most sports handicappers are all over the same team.

IBF - International Boxing Federation

Juice - The commission the sports betting sites get for a losing bet. Also referred to as "vigorish."

Laying the points - The act of giving up points in what is referred to as the spread when betting on a favorite.

Laying the price - Betting the favorite by laying money line odds on either NBA, NFL, or MLB.

Limit - The maximum amount a sports betting site allows its customers to bet before a line or odds change.

Line - The current point spread odds for NBA and NFL. Check out the sports betting odds comparison page.

Linemaker - The person who sets a betting line.

Listed Pitchers - A bet on baseball that is only valid if the pitchers listed during the wager throw the first pitch of the game. Otherwise the bet is cancelled.

Lock - A wager that is perceived to be a "can't lose" proposition.

Looking Ahead - Refers to a team's propensity to overlook their current opponent because their next opponent is either really good or a big rival.

March Madness - Refers to the excitement that happens in March when the NCAA Basketball Championship Tournament is going on.

Middle - Betting on both teams of the same contest at different odds and winning both wagers.

MLB - Acronym for "Major League Baseball".

Money line - Odds expressed in terms of money risked or won if betting $100. A positive number refers to an underdog and expresses the amount of money won if betting $100. A negative number refers to a favorite and expresses the amount of money necessary to risk to win $100.

MVP - Acronym for "Most Valuable Player". This is the award given to the best player during the regular season and playoffs in each of the sports.

NBA - Acronym for "National Basketball Association".

NCAA - Acronym for "National Collegiate Athletic Association".

NFC - Acronym for "National Football Conference".

NFL - Acronym for "National Football League".

NHL - Acronym for "National Hockey League".

Nickel - $500.00

Nickel Bettor - A gambler that generally bets $500 per wager.

Nickel line - A line where the juice is 5%.

NIT - Acronym for "National Invitational Tournament".

No action - A bet that is either cancelled or results in a tie.

Off the board - A game that the bookmaker will not accept bets either because of increased handle, injury updates, or the game is in progress.

One - $100.00

Outlaw Line - A line set overnight.

Over - A bet on the combined point total of two teams to go over the vegas Total.

Overtime - Played when two teams are tied after regulation to determine a winner.

Parlay - A bet on 2+ games on one ticket that requires all the mentioned team to win or push to result in a winning proposition. Leads to an increased payout.

Pick 'Em - A point spread that refers to betting both teams on the money line for regular juice. Neither team favorite.

Point spread - The predicted scoring differential between two teams.

Postponed - A contest cancelled and rescheduled for a later date.

Press - To bet a larger amount than one's normal amount.

Price - The odds or point spread of a game.

Prop - See "Proposition Bet".

Proposition Bet - A special wager offered by the sports book on unique and various topics such as what the coin flip in the Super Bowl will be or who will win the next presidential election, or how many points Shaquille O'Neal will score.

Public - Refers to the generally novice bettor.

Push - When the contest ends with no winner or loser because the spread made the two teams will result in a tie.

Rained out - A baseball game that is cancelled or postponed because of weather.

Revenge - This is the concept in sports betting referring to a team that its previous encounter with its current opponent.

Round Robin - A list of three or more teams all wagered in a series of individual 2-team parlays.

Run down - All of the lines for a given sport on a given day.

Run line - A spread used in baseball instead of the Money Line.

Sharp - Refers to an experienced and knowledgeable individual in the sports handicapping field.

Sharp Money - Refers to handle taken in by the bookies from experienced and knowledgeable sports handicappers.

Single Revenge - Refers to fact that a team is on a one game losing streak against its current opponent.

Straight bet - A bet on just one team.

Straight Up - Refers to taking a team or a team's outright win or loss performance in the game regardless of spread.

SU - Acronym for "Straight Up".

SUL - Acronym for "Straight Up Loss".

SUW - Acronym for "Straight Up Win".

Superbowl - Final game of the football season to determine the NFL Champion. Pitted against each other are the winners of the AFC and NFC

Sweet Sixteen (16) - Refers to the round of the March Madness NCAA Basketball Tournament when only 16 teams remain.

Taking the points - Betting the underdog whereby getting points for it.

Taking the price - Accepting money odds in your favor for betting on an underdog.

Teaser - A teaser is a special type of parlay in which you adjust the point spread or total of each individual play to your favor by adding points. The pay off odds for winning wagers on teasers are much lower because of adding points.

Ticket - A wager.

Tie - A game that results in both team's scoring the same number of points. Only occurs in Football regular season and in Hockey.

Total - The combined amount of runs, points or goals scored by both teams during a match.

Totals Bet - A proposition bet on an over or under proposition on the total number of points. Check the line posted by the sports book.

Tout - An individual that has a sports handicapping service and sells their expertise.

Triple Revenge - Refers to fact that a team is on a three game losing streak against its current opponent.

Under - A bet on the combined point total of two teams to go below the vegas Total.

Underdog - The team perceived to be most likely to lose.

Unit - Refers to the average wager amount for an individual.

Value - Getting odds on a betting proposition that is perceived to be a winning wager at a greater probability than the odds indicate.

Vigorish - See "juice".

WBA - Acronym for "World Boxing Association".

WBC - Acronym for "World Boxing Council".

Wise guy - A sports handicapper or bettor that is particularly knowledgeable on one team or conference that he/she is betting on.

Zig-Zag - Also written as "zigzag" or "zig zag". Refers to the concept in the NBA playoffs where a team will be more likely to win against the number if it lost its previous game. Read our Zig-Zag Betting in the NBA Playoffs to see systems currently in place helping us win money.

Free Football Picks

Updated: 10/27/12

NEW: Pitcher Home/Road Disparities

Bold indicates team falls into that angle today.

Orioles 93-69 +41.76
Athletics 94-68 +40.30
Nationals 98-64 +27.78
Giants 94-68 +23.57
Reds 97-65 +20.87
Full Table >>
Athletics 50-31 +20.95
Orioles 47-34 +14.14
Nationals 50-31 +12.19
Reds 50-31 +8.39
Giants 48-33 +8.34
Full Table >>
Orioles 46-35 +27.62
Athletics 44-37 +19.35
Braves 46-35 +16.83
Nationals 48-33 +15.59
Giants 46-35 +15.23
Full Table >>
vs Righty
Athletics 64-39 +34.98
Orioles 67-52 +28.93
Braves 65-38 +25.38
Nationals 70-45 +21.99
Reds 65-49 +6.64
Full Table >>
vs Lefty
Giants 41-20 +24.22
Reds 32-16 +14.23
Orioles 26-17 +12.83
Cardinals 31-17 +9.96
Nationals 28-19 +5.79
Full Table >>

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