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Sportsbook Reviews

A Fully Licensed Company: Bodog
by Peter Portero

When you start looking for places to gamble online, you want to consider several things. First, you want to make sure the company you use for gambling is one that is completely licensed. While this may seem unimportant to some players, good players know that if the company is not legitimate, there is a chance they will get ripped off.

With Bodog, you will never worry not getting paid. The Bodog group is completely licensed in sports betting, online casino, and online poker. This site is extremely secure and perfect for the gambler who is skeptical about betting online at all. Bodog makes sure each player’s information is protected and they never fail to pay out when you win.

You can trust that when you play with Bodog, you will have fun while not having to worry about your funds. All of the funds are actually held in a secure bank in Europe, which contribute to the safety of the business. You will love trying the various games available at Bodog and will never think twice about making a deposit to your account. Overall, Bodog is one of the safest places to gamble on the Web, so start playing today!

bodog review


Easy Customer Service At MyBookie
by Peter Portero

There are always times that bettors need to talk with customer service representatives about their account or about technical problems. Some sites offer 24 hour email access to the support staff and limited customer support telephone hours. With MyBookie, you can access customer support at any time of day. No matter if you are in Australia or in Great Britain, you will be able to call the customer center at any time of day and talk with someone live on the phone.

The best part is that the phone calls are always toll free, which means you can stay on the phone as long as you need to in order to get done what you need to get done. Most players don’t even realize how great their gambling provider’s customer service is until something comes up. Often times it is during these times that players get disappointed in the site’s overall service and end up switching to someone else. MyBookie realizes that customer service is important and is always there to assist and guide you.

So, if you have questions about playing, your account, or technical problems, you can call MyBookie at any time of day. You can guarantee you can speak to someone live and never have to rely on email alone to deal with your sensitive financial issues.



The Friendly Bodog Staff
by Taylor Tian

Think about this for a moment: You are gambling online and come to a problem within the system. There is a technical error and you lose your money without even having placed a bet. You call customer service and get absolutely nothing except for a rude representative you can’t even understand.

This is a scenario that happens all too often to online gamblers. The problem is these gamblers have not done their homework before choosing a sports book. If you are looking for a site with fantastic customer service, Bodog is the one for you. Bodog prides itself in many things, including great customer service. If you ever have a problem when using Bodog, there are several ways to contact customer service. Whether you choose to email the service team or call the toll free number provided, you will have your questions answered quickly.

You may need help installing the software or you may have a problem with your account. With Bodog, you can be sure your problems are important to the company. After speaking with one of the friendly Bodog representatives, you will see that you are an important part of Bodog and the customer service team wants you to feel that way!

bodog review

Various Payment Options With MyBookie
by Taylor Tian

One of the most important things a gambler wants to know is how they can get their money when they win with a gambling site. MyBookie makes it simple to get your money whenever you want to. They even offer several different payment options. There is something that is appropriate for everyone.

You can get your funds through an instant check, put onto your credit card, by mail, or by money transfer. It is amazing how easy and quick MyBookie makes the whole process. From the time you request your payout, MyBookie will process it within 24 to 48 hours, which is extremely fast when compared with other sites. They do ask you show proof of ID in some cases, but that is only to protect your identity and your funds.

Overall, MyBookie pays very quickly, which is one reason bettors keep coming back. It is no fun when you can’t access the money you have won on the site. Too many sites require their members to go through so many steps to withdrawal that they end up switching to another betting site because it is such a pain to get their money back. With MyBookie, you can play for hours and collect your winnings with no hassle.



The Financial Benefits Of Gambling With Bodog
by Kris Lazaro

Bodog is a company that not only offers good odds for their gamblers, but also offers much more. When a gambler researches, they may find that there are indeed other sites that may offer better odds than Bodog. However, when you look at the overall picture, there are few gambling sites that offer the total package.

Bodog offers the total package for their gamblers. Although the odds are not always the best on the Web, they never charge for withdrawals. When you go to other sites, with great odds you may find that although you are getting more from the odds, you are paying out more in the end with extra fees. Some sites will charge up to $20 per withdrawal. Bodog never charges for a withdrawl.

In addition, Bodog pays quickly and without hassle. Some companies will require you to jump through hoops and give up your first born to get even a penny of what you have won. With Bodog, there are few questions asked. The money is yours within a short amount of time and there are rarely problems with withdrawals. So, if you are looking for a gambling site that allows you to easily and painlessly withdrawal your money when you want to do so, Bodog is the best place on the Web.

bodog review


Deposits Are Simple With MyBookie
by Kris Lazaro

Sometimes the number one thing that deters new bettors to sign up with a gambling site is their deposit rules. Many sites have high deposit minimums and only allow members who can meet those minimums to play. Some hover around $100 while others are as high as $500. MyBookie believes that no matter how much you are willing to deposit, you are just as important as every other bettor on board. Therefore, they don’t make their bettors deposit large amounts. In fact, most of their deposit options have a low minimum deposit of $25.

The great thing is that with MyBookie, you get to choose how you want to make your deposit. If you want to pull the funds from your checking account, you can do so and instantly have access to your money. If you want to use your credit card, you can do the same. MyBookie also takes money transfers, Neteller, On Demand Funds, and Firefox. It doesn’t matter how you prefer to handle your deposit, MyBookie offers something appropriate for you.

While other sites may have a “do it our way” motto when it comes to deposits, MyBookie lets you choose the method that makes you feel most comfortable.



Fun For Everyone At Bodog
by Nick Chaiyapin

Without question one thing that helps Bodog stay more popular than most other betting companies is the fact they have something for everyone. This company truly caters to gamblers of all levels. They have games that have low betting limits for those who don’t want to bet large amounts. They also have higher limit games that allow those high rollers to bet along with others in their category.

Some sites do offer low limits as well, however Bodog doesn’t make a huge difference between the bettor that is betting in low limit games and the bettor that is betting in high limit games. They treat everyone with the same amount of dignity and respect, no matter how much case you are dropping on each game.

The unstated mantra to treat all gamblers equally is really paying off for Bodog. It is drawing in skeptical bettors who are starting with low bets. Sometimes it really pays off for the company because once these skeptics see how much fun it is to use Bodog and how secure the system is, they often start betting more and more each time they play. If you are looking for a site that has something for the low bettor, you should certainly check out Bodog. Who knows, you might call yourself a high roller after playing a while with this site!

bodog review

MyBookie 's Friend Referral

by Nick Chaiyapin

Many sites offer a referral service for members to use. Most of the time you will get a fixed amount for each referral that mentions your name and makes a deposit. This always sounds great at first, but typically once you read the fine print, you will see that your friend has to make a specific deposit amount (which is often too high for most beginners) and they have to do several other things before you get your small reward.

With Betcom, you can earn from their referral service without you or your referral needing to do anything out of the ordinary. The Betcom policy allows you to earn 20% on whatever your referral initially deposits. For instance, if your friend deposits $100, you get $20. If they deposit $500, you get $100. This fantastic program can really help you get free cash by telling your friends about the fun you have at Betcom. There are no tricky rules that will keep you from claiming your cash. Betcom really gives you what they say they will. The best part is their form you use for emailing your friends is simple to fill out and will surely catch the attention of those you send it to.




Free Football Picks

Updated: 10/27/12

NEW: Pitcher Home/Road Disparities

Bold indicates team falls into that angle today.

Orioles 93-69 +41.76
Athletics 94-68 +40.30
Nationals 98-64 +27.78
Giants 94-68 +23.57
Reds 97-65 +20.87
Full Table >>
Athletics 50-31 +20.95
Orioles 47-34 +14.14
Nationals 50-31 +12.19
Reds 50-31 +8.39
Giants 48-33 +8.34
Full Table >>
Orioles 46-35 +27.62
Athletics 44-37 +19.35
Braves 46-35 +16.83
Nationals 48-33 +15.59
Giants 46-35 +15.23
Full Table >>
vs Righty
Athletics 64-39 +34.98
Orioles 67-52 +28.93
Braves 65-38 +25.38
Nationals 70-45 +21.99
Reds 65-49 +6.64
Full Table >>
vs Lefty
Giants 41-20 +24.22
Reds 32-16 +14.23
Orioles 26-17 +12.83
Cardinals 31-17 +9.96
Nationals 28-19 +5.79
Full Table >>

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